Maja Gunn is a professor, artist, writer, researcher, curator, fashion and costume designer.

Maja Gunn is a Professor in Craft specialized in Textile at HDK-Steneby, Gothenburg University. Maja Gunn holds a PhD in Design from The Swedish School of Textiles, a MFA, in Textile & Fashion Design from Konstfack, University College of Art Craft and Design, Stockholm and a Master in Fashion studies, Stockholm University. She has also studied Fashion Design at HKU, Holland. Maja Gunn has worked as a Senior Lecturer at Beckmans College of Design and with multiple research projects. Her research explores bodily experiences of clothes and through such exploration she investigates the clothes’ performative and political functions, with notions of cultural, social and heteronormative structures. Maja Gunn’s doctoral thesis Body Acts Queer – Clothing as a performative challenge to heteronormativity is free to download

Maja Gunn has worked with costumes for several companies and projects: Swedish Television (SVT), Royal Dramatic Theatre (Stockholm), MacArthur Dance Project (New York) and a varied of independent film and theatre projects. Her experience in fashion ranges from companies like H&M, Marc Jacobs and Diane von Furstenberg to collections under her own line. The collections under her own line are made out from strong conceptual ideas, often combined with other elements such as text, film and performance. Consistently in the works of Maja Gunn is an investigation into and elaboration upon the connection between clothes, body and identity.

Maja Gunn was (together with Karin Ehrnberger and Camilla Andersson) the curator for the exhibition Norm Form at ArkDes in Stockholm. The exhibition showed contemporary design, craft and architecture that expresses norm criticality in varied ways.

Maja Gunn is frequently writing about fashion, gender, identity and popular culture for multiple Magazines and publications.

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