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Swedish feminist online newspaper Feministiskt Perspektiv writes about Maja Gunn and her research

Maja Gunn\’s fashion and design is developed from a queer feminist perspective


BT writes about Maja Gunn and her fashion design research

She is challenging norms with provocative clothing design


The Swedish Television about Maja Gunn’s performance at Södertälje Konsthall. Watch it here


Maja Gunn talks about her work in the Swedish Radio


Maja Gunn SR Utopian Bodies Liljevalchs


Maja Gunn talks about her work and about the exhibition Utopian Bodies – Fashion Looks Forward, with the curator Sofia Hedman.

In Nyhetsmorgon, TV4 at 6.45am

Sofia Hedman Maja Gunn Nyhetsmorgon
Sofia Hedman & Maja Gunn in Nyhetsmorgon, TV4


Maja Gunn is interviewed about her work in The Swedish Radio

listen to it here

Maja Gunn SR

Maja Gunn talks about her project \”If you were a girl I would love you even more\” in Sweden\’s biggest Newspaper Dagens Nyheter

Maja Gunn talks about her project \”If you were a girl I would love you even more\” in Rodeo Magazine


Interview with Maja Gunn in Popmani

Read it here


Maja Gunn talks live in the radio program Kulturfredag


Maja Gunn talks about her project If you were a girl I would love you even more in the Swedish Television’s

Von Svenssons Kläder

See it here

Maja Gunn von Svenssons kläder SVT


“Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf and Prada are some of the fashion industries strongest names that now are shown at Liljevalchs’ newly opened exhibition Utopian bodies – fashion looks forward. One of the icons is Maja Gunn”

“Alexander McQueen, Victor & Rolf och Prada är några av modeindustrins tyngsta namn vars verk just nu visas på Liljevalchs nyöppnade utställning Utopian bodies – fashion looks forward. Bland ikonerna finns Maja Gunn”

The Swedish Radio  September 26th, 2015

“The Designer Maja Gunn has been awarded for her research where she challenges gender roles through fashion and performance.”

“De­signern Maja Gunn har prisats för sin forskning där hon utmanar könsrollerna genom mode och performance.”

The Swedish Radio  June 5th, 2015

“She [Maja Gunn] challenges norms with provocative clothing design”

“Hon [Maja Gunn] utmanar normer med provocerande kläddesign”

BT, June 19th, 2016

“The New Beauty Council & MYCKET along with designer Maja Gunn have cut, sewn and released the “queer ” imagination loose in a wardrobe installation, which also includes a performance at Esperantoplatsen in front of the Art Hall, where the carnival during its time had its central. It is the strongest art work in the exhibition and what makes the exhibition convincing. With the carnival as a form for critic they stage a competent and important dialogue between the art institution and the city as a forum for creative and political activities.”

“The New Beauty Council & MYCKET sammen med designer Maja Gunn har klippet, syet og sluppet den «queer» fantasi løs i en garderobeinstallation, som også indgår i en performance på Esperantoplatsen foran kunsthallen, hvor karnevallet i sin tid havde sit centrum. Det er de værker som står stærkest i udstillingen, og som gør den overbevisende. Med karnevallet som kritisk figur iværksætter de en vedkommende og væsentlig udveksling mellem kunstinstitutionen og byen som rum for kreative og politiske aktiviteter.”

Jacob Lillemose, Kunstkritikk, September 19, 2013

“the carnival, arranged by The New Beauty Council, Mycket and Maja Gunn that moves down avenyn with Makode Linde in front. The destination is the utopian but oh so ugly where the biennial audience gets access to a lot of costumes to redress in. It is cheerful and a great crowd and political manifests are read to the people’s ovations. It is as far as it can be from blasé champagne drinking, and for a while it feels like if another world is possible.”

“karnevals tåget, arrangerat av The New Beauty Council, Mycket och Maja Gunn, som beger sig nerför avenyn med Makode Linde i spetsen. Slutmålet är den utopiska men ack så fula Esperantoplatsen där biennalbesökarna får en mängd kostymer att klä ut sig i. Det är glatt och uppsluppet, och politiska mani fest läses upp till folkets jubel. Det är så långt man kan komma från blaserat champagnesmuttande, och för en liten stund känns det som att en annan värld är möjligt.”

Sinziana Ravini in Dagens Nyheter (2013.09.12) about the performance Exclude Me In made by Maja Gunn, NBC and MYCKET.

”fashion guru Maja Gunn, are putting on quite the show at Darb 1718 tomorrow”

CairoScene, April 28, 2013

”that is something you certainly don’t expect in a craft show: a photography gallery all of a sudden. But what you notice is that all the people are wearing handmade things (…) Maja Gunn is a fashion designer so she’s dressing that person up—it’s sort of an extension of her design activity. (…) What I wanted in that room was a sense of encountering these handmade things at one remove, through the photograph, and also the sense of the maker working with another person—again, this idea of gift giving or creating contact through an object. And of course there was the idea of a lifecycle. So you have the idea of innocence in the little child, and hope: Then you have this black man who is very uncomfortable with the idea of being dressed up in this way at first, but Maja manages to coax him into enjoying it quite a lot. And eventually it becomes quite sexy—you know, you have him lying sideways, and, you know, little pants, and yelling and putting lipstick on, and dressing himself and making himself up. So you have the sense of discovery. That is like adulthood—it’s about that act of making yourself.”

Curator Glenn Adamson talks about Maja Gunn’s work in the exhibition Tenderness in Norweigan Crafts 02/2013

”One of them that really stands out is Maja Gunn (..) Apart from that she is alone in showing everyday headgears she fearlessly mixes both bright colors and patterns. In addition, with oversized accessories. I like the show. ”

ST, July 4, 2005

”In particular, I appreciated Maja Gunn’s video installation that focused on fashion relevant to various LGBT groups in society ”,  August 1, 2009

”six dancers enter the space and stand frozen for thirty seconds as the lights begin to come up revealing highly sculptured costumes by the talented Maja Gunn.”

Eileen Elizabeth, i-Danz Review, October 15, 2009

”Maja Gunn, Johanna Hofring, Righteous Fashion and Tor Söderin (…) All these designers display impeccable attention to detail, and their creations are timeless investment pieces.”

Johanna Björk,, September 21, 2009

“Yet another show I just can not miss: The Essential Bag on the Armory. (…) Maja Gunn shows her newly designed bags and raises questions about luxury.”, February 21, 2008

”Costumes are by Swedish designer Maja Gunn, and you know how much we at NCP love blending things with fashion. It’s going to be a truly unique and beautiful experience!”, October 15, 2009